Olabet promo codes

OlaBet is a relatively young bookmaker in the Mozambican betting market, but it already has a lot of potential. The online platform is planned in such a way that using its service provides enjoyment for both new and regular customers. The sports lobby features a variety of sports disciplines including soccer, basketball, tennis and more. On top of all the features, the OlaBet betting company offers an attractive welcome incentive for new players. However, this is not the only way to earn your first incentive.

In this article, we will tell you how to use a special OlaBet promo code that guarantees you a special reward.

Olabet promo codes

Registration on OlaBet

In order to be able to apply the bonus code and later use the promised reward, you must be a client of OlaBet. In this paragraph we will tell you how you can register your account on the betting company's website.

Registration on OlaBet

So, in order to create a player profile, find the "Registrar" button and click on it. Immediately after that, the platform will prompt you to fill out a form and enter the following data:

1) A valid phone number, which you will be able to use in case of data loss.

2) A password that is secure.

In the third box you will have to repeat the combination.

As soon as all free fields are filled in, tick the checkbox next to the statement that you are an adult user who has familiarized himself with all the terms and conditions of the betting company.

Registration form on OlaBet

After that, click the red "Register" button.

OlaBet promo codes

For those gamers who have already been involved in the field of betting for a considerable amount of time, having a showcase of promotions at online bookmakers is a perfectly normal practice. The option of bonus offers provides players with a powerful incentive to register an account with the company's base and start betting.

OlaBet promo codes and OlaBet bonuses

Another type of special incentives are no-deposit bonuses, which also go by another more familiar name, namely "promo codes". By using these alphanumeric combinations, you automatically activate additional benefits. As a rule, in order to activate a promo code, it is enough just to specify it in a special field provided on the website or in the application of the betting operator.

In the table that you can see below, we have included both bonuses and bonus codes.

Name of promo code/bonusTerms of promo code/bonus application
jogosFind the special field designed for entering promo codes and mention this bonus combination yourself to get this exclusive offer.
200% welcome bonusWhen you become a client of OlaBet and deposit 200 MZN or more, you will be rewarded with 200% of your first deposit.
Once the bonus is activated, you have 10 days to take advantage of the offer. Otherwise, the reward will be canceled.

The bonus amount can be used exclusively for placing bets.

Withdrawal of bonus funds will be available to you only after wagering. For this you must place 7+ bets for the full bonus amount. Please note that the odds value of each bet must not be lower than 3.00 and the number of selections in the coupon must be greater than or equal to three.

You can also use the bonus code "jogos".
Aviator Welcome 100% BonusThanks to this bonus offer, you will be able to participate in those games whose principle of operation is similar to Aviator.

In order to activate the bonus, you need to deposit an amount that would equal or exceed 200 MZN. Immediately after this procedure, you will be given the opportunity to take advantage of the one hundred percent bonus.

In case another amount is used as a deposit, namely 1000 MZN, you will receive the bonus for the same amount.

Tenha em atenção que o dinheiro do bónus será inválido três dias após a sua ativação, por isso utilize-o o mais rapidamente possível!

Tenha em atenção que tem de apostar o bónus pelo menos 50 vezes antes de poder levantar os seus ganhos.

Também pode utilizar o código de bónus "jogos".
Aero Welcome BonusAero is a unique betting game that was developed by OlaBet. Its principle of operation repeats the already mentioned Aviator.

If you are a new Aviator client and you have a desire to try out the possibilities of this game position, we can offer you 200% of your first deposit as a welcome bonus. This amount can be used in Aero.

As in the previous case, in order to activate this bonus offer you need to
need to make a deposit of at least 200 MZN. If your account is funded with 1000 MZN, you will receive an additional 1000 MZN to your bonus account.

Keep in mind that the bonus cash will be invalid already three days after its activation, so use it as soon as possible!

Please note that you need to wager the bonus at least 50 times before you can withdraw your winnings.

You can also use the bonus code "jogos".
OlaBet promo codes and bonuses

Activate OlaBet promo code

In order to apply a special "jogos" promo code, you need to find a special box that is designed for entering bonus codes. As a rule, such boxes are located in the registration form, in the deposit section or on the page with bonus offers.

How to activate OlaBet promo code

How do I apply a promo code to an already registered user?

In case you already have a registered account on OlaBet, but you have not logged in to your profile for quite some time, you always have the option to return by clicking the "Login" button. This way, you will be able to use the promo code program without any restrictions.

Authorization form on OlaBet


  • What is the minimum deposit at OlaBet?

    The minimum amount you can deposit into your account is 1 MZN.

  • How often can I use a promo code?

    The bonus code can be applied by you once.

  • Will the bookmaker have any other bonuses?

    The OLaBet bonus system is updated on an ongoing basis.

other bonuses
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1000 MZN
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2 000 MZN