How to Play Aviator Jogabets

Today, Jogabets acts as a reliable bookmaker that uses innovative technology to support its own activities in the gambling market. The site is full of traditional gaming categories, including cyber sports, casino and more. An exciting simulator called Aviator is also available to Jogabets customers.

In this article, you'll learn how to bet on Aviator at Jogabets.

How do I start playing Aviator on Jogabets?

The essence of the game is that the flight of a virtual airplane is launched over graphics represented as a radar field. The size of the coefficient and, consequently, the amount of winnings depend directly on the height at which the ship flies.

Aviator game

It's impossible to predict the outcome of the game, as the principle is based on the user's reaction. Most of the time, players try to avoid financial losses, so they don't experiment and receive their winnings early.

The screen consists of three parts, each of which has a certain meaning and performs a specific function.

  • The pitch is drawn as a graph with X and Y axes. There is also a coefficient, the value of which increases constantly with height.
Playground Aviator Jogabets
  • Betting area. A player can place two bets of equal or different amounts at the same time. Thus, the chance of increasing winnings is greater.
Aviator Jogabets betting area
  • Statistics table. By consulting the table, the player can familiarize themselves with the size of other people's winnings, as well as the value of the odds.
Aviator Jogabets statistics table

To start playing Aviator at the bookmaker, first make sure you have money in your account.

If there are funds in your balance, you can place a bet on the game as follows:

1. You'll find the Aviator tab in the Games section.

Aviator section

2. Decide which version of the game, one of which is free and the other offers real money bets.

Play Aviator Jogabets

3. Press the Play button and select the bet amount.

Bet on Aviator

4. Start the game.

Aviator demo

For those who are not prepared to take monetary risks or who just want to gain experience, the bookmaker has developed a demo version of the Aviator game. Its main purpose is to help users understand the specifics of the product, its rules and the general principle of operation. This format will definitely help you get used to the game and get involved in the exciting process.

Aviator demo-version

Aviator earnings withdraw

The Jogabets withdrawal system offers its customers two payment operators - M-Pesa and e-Mola. To withdraw won funds from your account, do the following:

  1. Go to your Personal Area.
  2. Select the "Cash withdrawal" option.
  3. Decide which payment system you want to use to withdraw your money. 4.
  4. Specify the amount you would like to withdraw.
  5. Press "Withdraw".

Aviator recommendations

The advantage of playing Aviator is that the player is constantly thinking up new tactics and creating really effective strategies that ultimately lead to big victories.

We offer you several ways that will guarantee you a favorable outcome in the game:

Method 1: Don't forget to use the double bet option.

As we said earlier, Aviator has an interesting betting option that allows you to maximize your winnings. The double bet option gives you the opportunity to bet on two outcomes at the same time. The amount of the bets can be the same or individual. This technique will help you cover a financial loss.

Method 2: Keeping a close eye on the statistics in real time.

The bookmaker has developed not only a chat room that allows players to interact with each other in real time,
but also an information table where you can check other users' biggest winnings that occurred on a given day.

Method 3: Using the reverse martingale betting sequence.

The essence of this strategy is to halve the bet after a loss and double the bet after a win.


  • What currency does Jogabets accept?

    The sports betting operator supports several currencies, including the dollar and the Mozambican metical.

  • What is the minimum and maximum bet size on Aviator?

    The operator of Jogabets does not limit the amount you wish to bet. Therefore, the minimum and maximum bet is 0 MZN.

  • Which payment systems can I use to recharge my account?

    Jogabets offers two ways to top up your account: via e-Mola and M-Pesa.

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