Olabet MZ bonus cashback

I wish I could win back the money I've lost! It's every punter's dream. Olabet makes it come true. This bookmaker allows you to receive up to 10% of the amount of failed games.

10% weekly cashback

Promotion terms and conditions

How does Olabet cashback work? Throughout the week, the bookmaker analyzes your losses and refunds you up to 10% of the money lost. Every Monday you receive a payment.

You must take the following rules into account:

  1. The promotion only applies to Crash Games. Sports betting and other games of chance are not taken into account when paying cashback.
  2. You need to deposit at least 100 MZN per week to get cashback.
  3. The maximum cashback amount is 2,000 MZN.
  4. The minimum you can receive is 10 MZN per week. Any amount less than this will not be paid out.

How do you calculate the amount you will receive as cashback? Olabet has created a formula with which you can do this: (Total deposits for the week - Total withdrawals - Current balance) x 10% = Cashback Bonus. Substitute the corresponding numerical values and you'll know how much the bookmaker will give you back.

How do I make a deposit?

To get cashback, you have to top up your balance every week. If you don't know how to do this, read this article.

If you want to make a deposit, you need to be registered on the Olabet website. If you have an account, you can top up your balance from your personal cabinet by clicking on the corresponding button. This bookmaker supports the usual payment systems: M-PESA and e-MOLA. Making a deposit using them is very easy: just follow the on-screen instructions. Please note that you cannot deposit less than 1 MZN and more than 100,000 MZN.

Olabet payment systems


  • For what period is the cashback paid?

    Payments are made every Monday based on the previous week's losses.

  • What is the minimum deposit to get cashback?

    To be eligible for this bonus, you must deposit at least 100 MZN a day for a week.

  • What is the maximum refund amount under the promotion?

    You cannot receive more than 2000 MZN as cashback.

  • What is the minimum amount I can receive as cashback?

    If the bonus calculation is less than 10 MZN, it will not be paid.

  • What payment methods does Olabet support?

    You can make a deposit using M-PESA and e-MOLA.

  • What to do in case of a problem?

    If a user has difficulties on the platform, they can remain calm. All that is needed is to contact the bookmaker's customer service. The operator will answer all the questions and help to solve the problem.

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