Bet365 bingo Review in Mozambique

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Bingo is a fascinating game of chance that allows you to win large sums of money. There are many different variations of bingo, but the essence is always the same. Familiarize yourself with the rules of the game so you can play at bet365.

How to play bingo?

The famous attribute of this game is a card drawn in squares, each of which contains a number. The cell in the center of the game is empty in some versions of the game. During the game, the host (whose role in this case is played by bet365) calls out random numbers. Normally, these are written on special balls that fall out of the lottery. But in the digital version of the game, this procedure is replaced by random number generation. When you hear a number on a card, you have to mark it. If you have a complete line of numbers, you're considered the winner.

The main types of bingo

Ninety Ball Bingo is a British version of the game in which there are three rows of nine squares on a card, five of which are filled in. These are usually numbers from one to ninety. Most of the time, there are three winners in this type of game: the first place is taken by the one who filled in all three rows, the second - who filled in two, the third - who managed to collect all the numbers from just one row. Several participants can claim any of the prizes if they fill in the lines at the same time. You can play this variety of bingo at bet365.

The site offers many variations of the game, including special versions such as Beachball Blast, Roller Disco, Atlantis and others.

Drop Pots bet365

75-ball bingo is known as the American variant. It's a five-by-five square card, where the center is empty and is automatically considered filled. The principle of the game is almost identical to that of 90-ball bingo, except that sometimes you may have to fill in a shape (such as the letter T) instead of lines. Bet365 also supports this version of the game and also offers site-specific variants such as Labyrinth, Cool Blues or The Rodeo.

Labyrinth bet365

There is another variant of bingo - for 80 balls. It differs from the previous one only in that there are fewer squares on the card: four by four. There is therefore no empty central square. You may have to fill in the line vertically, horizontally or diagonally. You can play this version of bingo at bet365.

Other types of bingo

There are other variants of the popular 50- and 30-ball game at bet365. Among them, for example, is The Race Track. These types of bingo are more specific and require special rules, which, however, are not much more complicated than those described above.

The Race Track bet365

Why bet365?

This platform supports responsible gambling, which is why it offers features such as deposit limits, time limits and auto-restriction. In addition, 20,000 players a month choose bet365. In the same period of time, bet365 pays out huge amounts of prizes to players. The high probability of winning many of the bingo variants on offer also makes this site a great option if you want to start playing.


  • What are the different types of bingo?

    You can play 90-, 80-, 75-, 50- or 30-ball bingo.

  • How does 75-ball bingo differ from 80-ball bingo?

    By the number of cells with numbers. In the first case, there are 25 and in the second, 16.

  • Does bet365 have a mobile app?

    Yes, you can download the app for both iOS and Android.

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