How to Play Aviator Bantubet

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The Bantubet bookmaker, whose demand for services is also actively growing among Mozambican players, has a vast catalog of completely different offers. All the features available can provide punters with a good gaming experience, because the web platform offers users the possibility of predicting the results of sporting events, as well as taking part in virtual sports, e-sports and other types of games.

In this article, we'll reveal the features of the Aviator game of chance, which for several years has consistently been at the top of the most popular online games. In addition, we will analyze the conditions of the bonus that guarantees a certain reward in this gambling event, as well as give some recommendations on how you can win.


How does the Aviator game work on the Bantubet website?

When adding an application to the game lobby, many online bookmakers define the game in the slots section. The development team at the Bantubet online platform decided to use a different solution and create a separate page. So if you click on the "Aviator" tab, the system automatically takes you to a new page and launches the game.

Bantubet Aviator section

The aim of the game is for the player to collect their winnings before the plane crashes. To do this, you have to place a bet, watch the indicator grow and, as soon as its numerical value satisfies you, raise the bet. If you don't react in time and the plane disappears from the screen or crashes, your bet is canceled and you get nothing.

1) So, when you go to the Aviator section, the first thing you see is a playing field similar to a normal graph with X and Y axes. This is where the plane starts its flight and the value of the coefficient is displayed.

The size of your winnings depends solely on your reaction and therefore your luck.

2) Below the number "2" is a gradually increasing odds value which the bettor must control.

3) Here are two control panels designed for betting. During a session you have the opportunity to place two bets. As you can see in the image, the minimum bet amount is 8 MZN.

You can also use the automatic betting mode. In this case, the neural network takes part in the game for you. This mode helps you gain experience, work on your skills and ultimately understand the strategy of the game. The autopilot will take part in all the plane's flights, but you have to specify the amount of the bet beforehand. The automatic withdrawal function allows you to set the time when you should collect your winnings.

Aviator interface

4) Below you can see a statistical table listing the names of the bettors who took part in Aviator, the size of their bets, the odds and the winnings.

Aviator statistics

If luck is on your side and you manage to cash out your bet, the money is immediately credited to the game balance. The subsequent flight scenario does not affect the payout.

We also advise you to pay attention to the fact that the plane's trajectory does not affect the outcome of the game, as the object can crash during the take-off phase.

How do I play Aviator on Bantubet?

Before moving on to the game, make sure that your gaming account has funds so that you can place a bet to win.

Once you're sure your balance is sufficient, follow the steps below:

  1. Start the Aviator game.
  2. Place a bet by indicating the desired amount and pressing the green "Bet *** MZN" button.
  3. Watch the flight and the odds increase.
  4. Cash out your bet before the plane crashes.

Aviator Bonus at Bantubet

According to the terms of the bonus, you have the opportunity to get back 20% of the bet placed if it is unsuccessful.

Wager requirements for the Aviator bonus:

  • The bonus amount must be wagered 20 times.
  • From the moment of activation, the bonus is only available for the following 7 days, after which it is canceled.
  • You can receive the refund every Monday at 12:00 (UTC+02).
  • The minimum cashback amount is 200 MZN.
Aviator bonus

To take advantage of the bonus offer, simply press the orange "Play Now" button and play Aviator for the first time.

Aviator's winning strategy

There are several well-known strategies for winning in the Aviator game. It's your app that helps you choose the right algorithm of actions and successfully complete the game.

1) Low odds

In this case, the player places a large bet, but stops the game and raises the bet at low odds, receiving the corresponding amount of winnings.

2) High odds

In this case, the reverse scheme applies. The player places a small bet and hopes for high odds.

3) Double bet

According to this technique, the player chooses a low multiplier for the first bet and a high multiplier for the second. The first bet is placed at the start of the flight, and the second when large coefficients appear on the screen.

3) Martingale Strategy

The significance of this strategy is that the player doubles each subsequent bet until the planned winnings are achieved.


  • Can I use the Bantubet Aviator demo first?

    To use the demo version, go to the main menu, find the "Quick Cash" tab and click on it. Find the Aviator game and hover your mouse over it. Select the "Demo" button.

  • What's the best way to play Aviator?

    We recommend that you bet on the Aviator game using a desktop device. On a large monitor, it will be more convenient to watch the plane's flight and follow the odds.

  • What is the maximum amount of the Bantubet Aviator bonus?

    The maximum repayment amount is MZN 700.

  • Which payment operators can I use to withdraw my winnings?

    You can withdraw your winnings using M-Pesa and e-Mola.

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