Olabet review crash games in Mozambique

In addition to betting, Olabet offers the opportunity to play a lot of gambling games. On the bookmaker's website, you can try your luck with virtual money, which he provides to users. And to get a chance to win real money, you need to register and make your first deposit. Residents of Mozambique can use the usual MT currency to play.

Olabet has a number of games that users play most often. These games are marked with the Hot icon. To see the list of games of chance, simply click on the corresponding button on the main page of the bookmaker's office.

* Instead of the "Aviator" key, you may have access to the "Crash" key.

Aviator button on the main menu bar

What is there to play for at Olabet?


The most popular games on this bookmaker's website are of the Aviator type. Their essence is to withdraw money before the end of the flight of the plane shown on the screen. The duration of the flight is calculated at random. At the start of the game, you place a bet and the longer the plane flies, the higher the coefficient by which it is multiplied. But beware: you can only withdraw money during the flight and as soon as it's over, your bet will be burned.

In addition to Aviator directly, there are other games on Olabet that work on this principle:

1. Aero;

2. JetX;

3. Rocketman;

4. Homem do espaço;

5. Crash Evolution;

6. Edição CrashX Football.

A game like Aviator


In this game, you have to inflate a balloon, which could burst at any moment. At the start of the game, you place a bet, the odds of which increase as the balloon grows. You can stop inflating the balloon whenever you want, but if you overdo it and it pops, your bet will be burned.

Balloon Olabet

There's another game that's similar in principle to Balloon: it's Football X. As long as you press the button, the boy on the screen chases the ball and the odds increase. But as soon as the character drops the ball, your bet disappears.

Football X Olabet


Among Olabet's many games, there is one that could be considered a quick bet in the world of gambling. It works according to the rules of Aviator, except that on the screen you don't see one plane, but three, each of which can end its flight at any time.

JetX3 Olabet


On the screen, you see a field divided into squares. Hidden in each square is either an increase in your bet or a bomb. By clicking on the squares, you discover what is hidden in them and, when you find the bomb, your bet is burned. There are several versions of this game on Olabet.

Turbo Mines Olabet

One of them is Hamsta. You play a hamster who needs to get to his food. To do so, he has to break one of four obstacles. One of them could be radioactive. With each obstacle broken, the hamster gets more and more food, each piece of which represents an increase in the betting odds for you. The game continues until you withdraw money or come across a radioactive obstacle. In that case, the game ends and the bet is lost.

Dice Twice

In this game, you have to bet on which of the two colors will fall during the game. You can change the probability of this event to increase the odds of the bet. The lower the probability, the higher the odds.

Dice Twice Olabet

Limbo Rider

At the start of the game, you place a bet and set the size of the multiplier. On the screen, you see a car. The longer it drives, the more the multiplier increases. When the car stops, the system compares this multiplier with your multiplier. If your number is lower, the winnings are yours. If not, your bet is burned.

Limbo Rider Olabet


This game is a variant of Slots. You spin the reel and, depending on the combination you land on, you get a higher or lower multiplier on your bet.

Ball&Ball Olabet


The process of playing Bubbles is similar to playing bingo. You can choose one or more bubbles where you think a star will appear. The fewer bubbles you choose, the higher the coefficient by which your bet is multiplied, but also the lower the probability of choosing the one with a star. If the star is in your bubble, you win and receive your prize, if not, your bet is burned. You can also adjust the total number of bubbles.

Bubbles Olabet

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it possible to play Aviator on Olabet?

    Yes, this bookmaker offers its users a great selection of Aviator games.

  • How do you play Balloon?

    Press and hold the button on the screen to inflate the balloon and release it before it pops. If you succeed, you'll win the amount of the bet multiplied by the coefficient that grows at the same time as the balloon.

  • What are Crash games?

    These are various games of chance that allow players to win money quickly and have fun in the process.

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